Frequently Asked Questions

What is General Liability?

General liability or Contractor General Liability Insurance, provides protection against two types of financial loss arising out of a lawsuit against the company. First, it covers damages awarded to a third party because of injury or damage for which the insured is legally responsible, including loss of use of property claims. In addition, it covers the cost of defending the insured against the charges alleged in the suit, including attorney fees, investigation costs, and other legal expenses.

What is an Additional Insured?

Construction contracts frequently require contractors to add other parties to their liability policies as additional insureds. It is a second layer of protection for the contractual indemnity agreement. Additional insured can submit claims directly to the insurer without first filing a claim against the named insured.

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

Certificate of Insurance is a document which shows the insureds name, liability limits, effective dates of the policy and also the brokers name and address. This form is often requested from clients in order to show proof to insurance or from villages or towns in order to full permits.

How Do I File a Claim?

If a claim occurs immediately contact your agent or broker. They will then ask you a series of questions regarding the claim. Try to gather as much information as you can.

What is a Hold Harmless Agreement?

In a hold harmless agreement, one party (the indemnitor) promises to reimburse, and in some cases defend, the other party (the indemnitee) against claims or suits brought against the indemnitee by a third party. The purpose of the hold harmless is to transfer the risk of financial loss from one party (the indemnitee) to another party (the indemnitor).

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